Little Paws Memorial Gardens

Little Paws Memorial Gardens provides a place of solitude where you can visit your loved one or others loved ones anytime you want, regardless of where you path in this world may lead.We consider pets to be members of the family and when we lose a pet it can be just as painful as losing a relative or dear friend. Placing a memorial on the site is not only therapeutic, but it's a way of helping others. Many people, including many children, visit Little Paws Memorial Gardens each month to view these memorials and gain a perspective on their lives. 
    This site was founded on Jan 12, 2009 in honor of  Friska Drye , by George W Drye, who was Friska's owner of 12 years.

Little Paws is dedicated to all animals that have passed on, we sponsor memorials for your beloved pet. If you would like a memorial for your pet we will need the following information from you
Pets Name
Birth Date
Date of Passing
Your Name
A Short Bio about your pet

Memorialize your Beloved Companion with a picture, for only $5.00 to be posted in our loved ones section for you and all to Cherish

                   Pay here   &   Send picture and infomation on your pet to [email protected]  

And rest assure that when you send your information, pictures and eulogys through this site, your information is not sold or shared with anyone. We protect your privacy and Pay Pal protects your money. Thank You for your Support
George Drye / Owner 

Pictures and info will appear in gardens
with in 12 hours